The cover for Green Day's new CD called DOS! (2012)

The cover for Green Day's new CD called DOS! (2012) Credit: Handout

The middle installment of Green Day's ambitious garage-rock trilogy is the troubled part of the story, where the narrator heads out for a wild night.

Like "Uno," "¡Dos!" (Warner Bros.) is filled with a wide range of rock styles, from innocent power-pop on the sweet, memorable single "Stray Heart" to the classic punk of "Ashley," with its drug references and rage about unrequited love. Unlike "Uno," though, "¡Dos!" doesn't quite stand on its own, with some of the songs feeling like exposition for a musical that doesn't exist (yet). Take "Nightlife," a slinky nod to Two Tone-era ska that sounds like it works great for a big Broadway musical stage but is not quite right for rock radio.

Nonetheless, "¡Dos!" and its ambitions are impressive, and it now becomes more understandable how its strain may have landed Billie Joe Armstrong in rehab.





BOTTOM LINE Part Two of the Green Day trilogy is a (road) trip

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