Tightly Wired -- Floral Park's Cyndi Hazell and Garden City's...

Tightly Wired -- Floral Park's Cyndi Hazell and Garden City's John Sullivan -- has released its debut album "Trust." Credit: John F. Sullivan

John Sullivan says he has taken a new approach to his songwriting.

“I’m taking the approach to songwriting as if it’s a painting,” says the Garden City singer-songwriter. “Each song is unique. It’s there for you to experience it and that is that. It stands out because it’s 1 of 1.”

He applied this idea to his new project “Trust” (John F. Sullivan) from his new band Tightly Wired. The album is a song cycle about how the notion of trust is changing in the current state of the world, from the way we look at our leaders to the way we decide on whom we invite into our lives.

“Here they dare, at village square, where decadence is king,” Sullivan sings in harmony with Floral Park’s Cyndi Hazell during the opening “Village Square.” “Common sense goes out the door with nothing left to bring.”

Sullivan says he is still trying to work out how to get more attention to these “Trust” songs, whether to find local venues in which to perform them or to take his performances online.

In any case, he has already succeeded in creating an interesting set of songs.

“With every project, I just feel more competent with my skills as a songwriter,” he says.

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