Album / CD art cover titled " Who You Are...

Album / CD art cover titled " Who You Are " by Jessie J Credit: None/

Jessie J sounds self-assured and brash. She also sounds like she's having an identity crisis. The British sensation's debut album, "Who You Are" (Universal), is filled with all sorts of musical styles, only some of which she can handle. The catchy pop of "Price Tag" is fine. The faux Christina Aguilera R&B of "Mamma Knows Best" is painful. The Lily Allen-meets-Lauryn Hill vibe of "L.O.V.E." works. The Ke$ha wannabe in "Do It Like a Dude" doesn't. Jessie J should've figured out who she is before subjecting the world to "Who You Are."


"Who You Are"


BOTTOM LINE Promising, but confused, pop

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