Seaford native Matthew Koma released his new single "So [Expletive]...

Seaford native Matthew Koma released his new single "So [Expletive] Romantic" on RCA Records on Aug. 7, 2015. Credit: Piper Ferguson

Matthew Koma announced a new record deal and released a new single Friday.

The Seaford native joined RCA Records, home to several artists he has recently collaborated with, including Kelly Clarkson, Hillary Duff and legendary producer Giorgio Moroder. Koma is currently working with another RCA superstar, Britney Spears, on her upcoming album.

His new single "So [Expletive] Romantic" marks a more lighthearted approach to his music, following a string of successful collaborations, including the Grammy-winning "Clarity" with Zedd and last year's summer hit "Wasted" with Tiesto.

"I naturally gravitate towards writing pretty serious songs, so I tried to balance the black coffee this time, and write something a little more light-hearted," Koma said in a statement. "My favorite songs tend to be ballads or heart-break-on-a-sleevers, but sometimes you just need to lighten the [expletive] up."

Koma says the narrator in his new single is a caricature.

"It's when you look in the mirror in the right lighting at the right time with the right Instagram filter, and have those few seconds of over-confidence where you're Ryan Gosling's middle ab and a John Hughes soundtrack is playing," he said. "It was fun to write, and it feels fun listening to it."

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