Brothers Osborne's "Port Saint Joe" is on EMI Nashville Records.

Brothers Osborne's "Port Saint Joe" is on EMI Nashville Records. Credit: EMI Nashville Records


"Port Saint Joe"

BOTTOM LINE Cultivating a unique style and a country-soul groove

“Port Saint Joe” (EMI Nashville) may only be The Brothers Osborne’s second album, but T.J. and John Osborne have already established a country sound all their own.

T.J.’s warm baritone has only grown more inviting since the duo’s Grammy-nominated debut “Pawn Shop,” showcased on the spare, but swaggering, opener “Slow Your Roll” and the wistful country waltz “Tequila Again.” John Osborne’s virtuoso guitar work has developed as well, whether it’s on a big solo like the Allman Brothers-influenced one he reels off in “Shoot Me Straight” or on a pretty acoustic number like “While You Still Can.”

And when the Brothers Osborne put those two stunning talents together, as they do on the epic “Shoot Me Straight” or the poignant ballad “I Don’t Remember Me (Before You),” as John’s lilting guitar plays off T.J.’s gruffness, it shows why they are among country’s fastest-rising stars. They balance the intense moments with some good-time anthems like “Weed, Whiskey and Willie” and “Drank Like Hank,” but even those have a lyrical depth that sets them apart from the country mainstream. “Port Saint Joe” is sure to rack more hits and more awards for the Brothers Osborne.

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