Sheryl Crow is out with "Everything Is Broken," on which...

 Sheryl Crow is out with "Everything Is Broken," on which she teams with Jason Isbell. Credit: Getty Images/Ian Gavan

So many singles, so little time. Here are three songs to stream right away:

The Streaming Age has its benefits — one of the best being that the reduced cost of releasing new music encourages artists to experiment. Sheryl Crow and Jason Isbell have developed a great one with the new single “Everything Is Broken” (Valory), a cover of the underappreciated Bob Dylan  classic that they have revved up into a howling, rocking delight, as they trade cooing vocals and fiery guitar riffs.

Matt Nathanson’s folkie take on Chance the Rapper’s “Same Drugs” (Acrobat) is even more surprising. With Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump providing some sweet harmonies, Nathanson captures the mix of melancholy and relief that Chance cultivated on the original, but replacing the gospel vibe with a looser, simpler musical backdrop lets the emotions flow a little easier. It’s an unexpected entry from Nathanson, who has an entire EP of Chicago-themed covers planned.

Icelandic indie rockers Of Monsters and Men take a left turn into dance pop on their new single, “Wild Roses” (Republic). It’s a charming bit of synth-pop that singer Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir infuses with a touch of regret and enough edge to keep it interesting as she sings about serpents and being wild-eyed.

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