Left to right, David Shaw, Erik Fehrenbach, Fabio Bargna and...

Left to right, David Shaw, Erik Fehrenbach, Fabio Bargna and George Giannoulis of Streetlight Circus. Credit: Scott Braun

Streetlight Circus pays tribute to hard rock’s heyday and the vinyl album experience on their new album “Needle Down” (Streetlight Circus).

The Valley Stream-based band led by singer-bassist David Shaw crafted the album in two parts, with each side having its own approach to defining what it means to rock.

The first side hits harder, with songs like “The House Is on Fire” and “Ain’t No Love Song” offering flashy guitar solos from George Giannoulis and Fabio Bargna that call to mind the metal of the late ’70s and early ’80s. The second side is more wide-ranging, starting with the early Van Halen-styled “Just Another Night” and running through the more experimental, piano-driven ballad “Wait for the Night.”

Songs like “Airtight and Waterproof” feature Shaw at his strongest, his swaggering delivery showing what so many rock frontmen lack these days.

In the wake of the ’90s alt-rock revolution, where bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam made the metal bands of the ’80s sound obsolete, there was a certain level of showmanship in rock that fell from fashion and hasn’t really returned. Bands like Streetlight Circus seem ready to bring it back.

Streetlight Circus plays Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery, Manhattan on Nov. 18. Tickets are $8; 212-228-0228, theboweryelectric.com

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