Is the "Tell All Your Friends"-era lineup of Taking Back Sunday getting back together?

Well, it's certainly a possibility, judging from the mystery picture on the rock band's Web site Monday, which has horizontal bars partly covering the faces of singer Adam Lazzara, guitarist Eddie Reyes, drummer Mark O'Connell and two other guys who appear to be former members John Nolan and Shaun Cooper.

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Bassist Matt Rubano announced Monday afternoon that he was leaving the Rockville Centre-based band. "After seven years I'm sad to announce that I will no longer be playing the bass with Taking Back Sunday," he said in a statement. "I would like to thank Adam, Eddie and Mark for giving me this amazing opportunity that changed my life. I am proud of the music we made together and cherished every moment of it."

Matt Fazzi, who joined the band in 2008, also announced his departure, saying: "The last two years with Taking Back Sunday have been beyond a dream come true, from touring and playing with bands that I really admire, to playing new places all around the world, to meeting and working with so many wonderful people along the way. It's something that I never once took for granted and that I will never forget."

Rubano's and Fazzi's exit creates room for Nolan and Cooper to return to the band they left in 2003 to form indie band Straylight Run. But it recently announced it was on hiatus.

Taking Back Sunday's publicist Kate Cafaro confirmed Rubano and Fazzi's departures, but added, "Anything else is unknown."

Still, there has been a flurry of cryptic comments from Lazzara's and Cooper's Twitter accounts, as well as Nolan's blog ("Look out!" he says). Fans are cautiously excited by the prospect of a reunion, though many also are noting that all this is "suspiciously close to April Fool's Day." Is it really happening? Stay tuned.

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