Over the weekend, Jenna Rose Swerdlow's "My Jeans" YouTube music...

Over the weekend, Jenna Rose Swerdlow's "My Jeans" YouTube music video surpassed 1.2 million views. Credit: YouTube

In viral videos, as in life, imitation (should that be irritation?) is the sincerest form of flattery.

Dix Hills seventh-grader Jenna Rose Swerdlow should consider herself flattered as her video “My Jeans” is now a full-fledged YouTube sensation, spawning all sorts of alternate versions.

SkyRaiderExplosion sped it up to Mickey Mouse-ian levels. JSZ208 slowed it down to indistinguishable trip-hop. XXBoxcar182XX added heavy metal riffs. (“I just felt like I had to do this,” the 16-year-old from Australia said. “Don’t ask why.”)

Along with the remixes, more and more analyses of “My Jeans” and the accompanying video are popping up, with most criticizing the song and its singer.

Critiques aside, though, “My Jeans” has been compelling enough to yield cheeky analysis from England, male lip-synching from Atlanta and complaints about dead brain cells from Canada in the past week.

Of course, NvStryve, in his complaints about “My Jeans” compares it to Soulja Boy – and how many major-label albums has he had already?

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