Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson attends the "Scream 4" premiere party...

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson attends the "Scream 4" premiere party at the Crosby Street Hotel in Manhattan. (April 12, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey and 50 Cent put their rumored feud to rest on “Next Chapter,” her latest series on OWN TV. On her first interview ever with the rapper, Oprah visited the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, at the home he bought for his grandparents.

“I would see moments where you would discuss your feelings on the culture, and everything that was wrong with the culture was what was on my CD,” 50 Cent said about where his feelings stemmed from.

While the two agreed to disagree on certain aspects of today’s hip hop, they both squashed the negative feelings.

“I’m really stunned by your whole persona,” Oprah told the rapper. “You seem like a gentle soul.”

The rapper, who has sold more than 25 million records, shows a softer side during the interview. He opened up about selling drugs as a teenager and the painful death of his mother when he was eight.

“She was everything to me, she was like my mother, my father,” he said. “Everything.”

While 50 Cent is known for his tough shell, he is now trying to make a positive change. With every Street King, his energy drink, sold, he will provide a meal to a hungry child in Africa.

“I wanted to do things that would create a stronger impression on people,” 50 Cent said.

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