New York Giants wide receiver Ramses Barden at the Jill...

New York Giants wide receiver Ramses Barden at the Jill Stuart show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Manhattan. (Feb. 11, 2012) Credit: Leora Arnowitz

Giants wide receiver Ramses Barden talked football and fashion on Saturday at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Jill Stuart show.

He said normally the two have nothing to do with each other.

"But on our team we have some of the best -dressed guys," he said.

As for his style, he said he is a bit constricted because of his large frame.

"I wear anything that fits. I have long arms and big feet, so it's hard to find stuff on the rack."

Still, Barden said he has an extensive shoe collection, with more than 40 pairs of sneakers in his closet. 

To the Jill Stuart show, Barden wore a gray Lacoste shirt with a blue undershirt and Nike shoes with blue stripes.

But he said there is one accessory he cannot wait to have: his Super Bowl ring.

"I think we get it in June," he said. "I can't wait."

When asked about the game, Barden said the last few minutes had him shaking.

"My heart was beating so much," he said. "We were on pins and needles."

Still, Barden said the Super Bowl win just left him wanting more.

"I want to win another one," he said, laughing.

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