Alec Baldwin hosts ABC's "Match Game."

Alec Baldwin hosts ABC's "Match Game." Credit: ABC/Lou Rocco

Alec Baldwin says he is unconcerned about whether hosting the game show "Match Game" might reflect badly on his acting career.

"I mean, do I care what people think about [how ] I used to make big studio films and I got nominated for this and for that in the theater, and I've done things that are certainly more traditional?" Baldwin, 61, told New York magazine's on Wednesday. "I really couldn't care less what people think in terms of this kind of thing. I've had more fun with these people," he said of cast and crew of the ABC show, which returned for the second half of season 4 Wednesday. " '30 Rock' was great, 'SNL' is great, and 'Match Game' is right up there in terms of the people that we work with."

Baldwin, who won two Emmy Awards for "30 Rock" and another for "Saturday Night Live," as well as an Obie Award for Off-Broadway's "Prelude to a Kiss," said, "This game-show thing, it's a quick trip. We're here for a couple of weeks, we bang out a season. Elizabeth Banks, maybe she'd like to stay home with her kids like me," Baldwin said of the three-time Emmy nominee, who hosts ABC's newly launched revival of "Press Your Luck." "Joel McHale would like to stay home with his kids, like me," he added of the prolific former "Community” star who hosts the network's other revival, "Card Sharks."

Noted Baldwin, "I got four kids 5 and under" with wife Hilaria Baldwin, as well as a grown daughter, and called "the compression of the schedule that we shot in New York … very, very, very convenient for me."

The Amityville-born and Massapequa-raised Baldwin said that similarly, "I remember when I first did these Capital One bank commercials. I was doing '30 Rock' at the time and I thought, 'I'm already on TV.' But the big thing was, I was always seeking sources of funding because my wife and I have a charity that we give away a good amount of money to. And Capital One was one of the first big reservoirs of money we had. They paid us a lot of money over five years and we gave all of it away."

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