Bad news! The Annoying Orange -- that flappy-mouthed fruit with the Clutch Cargo lips -- is coming to TV. reports that a deal has been secured, and that seven (or six -- I forget, they'll all be annoying anyway) episodes have been ordered. This will likely land at Nickelodeon, and then we can blame them. What!? You've never heard of the Annoying Orange? Then you have led a fruitful -- pun naturally intended -- and prosperous life. But the Annoying Orange is the most popular video on YouTube, making Rebecca Black or Justin Bieber look like a pair of peanuts (and I think there is an Annoying Peanut character, too.) These videos have been downloaded billions -- I think the figure is something like 34 billion -- times, mostly by boys around the age of nine. Check out an example of the orange you just want to throw.


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