The World Wide Web is filled with Best of Michael Scott /"The Office" moments today, and the one indisputable fact that seems to emerge from these many lists - there is simply no unanimity. The reason, I think, is that there were so many good moments. Steve Carell's Michael Scott - in my humble opinion - is one of the great comic characters in TV history, and naturally one reason for this is  his prodigious skill as an improv actor. Everything is unique and uniquely funny in it's own way. 

  So...where to begin? As he prepares to say goodbye tonight, I've found a wonderful resource pieced together by a trully knowledgeable fan. The Best Moments in 126 episodes... (He's not quite up to date, alas; there have been 136 episodes so far, and tonight will be the 137th.)

  But this is quite a resource...Here's the first segment and if you want to catch up with the second, please go here, and the third, here...

 What's interesting - Michael isn't in every one of these best of moments, but he's in an awful lot of 'em:


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