David Oliver Willis next up on "American Idol" with his guitar, singing "Fever," for some reason. He's trying to make it compelling, but to me it just feels forced. Why someone in his 20s would sing a song from the '50s is beyond me.

Keith Urban flatly says "that was not the right song" for Willis' unique voice, but liked it overall. Nicki Minaj says it is as if he just got a guitar for Christmas and was "up in front of the family, having a good ole' time." Ha, that gets it exactly -- fun for him, not so much for us. Randy Jackson thought it was OK. Mariah Carey says she's heard him vocally better. Minaj adds at the end: "That was not 'current artist, I wanna go to your show.'"

Hawaiian Bryant Tadeo next, doing Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind." He's strong from the get-go -- slow, crackly voice, in total command; audience is shrieking during his pauses. Feels the song, stays on just this side of overperforming. A bit hokey with his expansive arm gestures maybe, but a nice performance. 

Urban praises his "beautiful voice." Queens girl Minaj says she didn't like the song at all, which I can see: real New Yorkers don't sing or perform that way. It was more someone's sense of New York than something authentic. Jackson said it started great, but "it never quite went" anywhere for him. Carey says she felt as if he got lost in the middle, but likes his "raw talent."

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