The "American Idol" judges all liked Casey Abrams take on...

The "American Idol" judges all liked Casey Abrams take on Elton John's "Your Song." (March 30, 2011) Credit: Fox

Savee Casey Abrams is next on "American Idol." He's sitting on a stool and singing "Your Song." Wow, he seems nervous. It's not a smooth, easy performance, means too much to him. It feels like he's willing himself through it and a bit rushed, too.

Picks it up on the chorus with a nice, clean tone. None of his usual overperformance. My favorite from him so far this season, with a really nice falsetto at the end.

Randy Jackson, who has a vested interest in this since they saved him, calls it "absolutely brilliant -- so nice and so tender." Steven Tyler really liked the last two notes and how he sings differently every time. Jennifer Lopez says she's also glad they saved him.



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