Ben Bailey will be driving the "Cash Cab" once again...

Ben Bailey will be driving the "Cash Cab" once again when the show returns to Bravo. Credit: Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodriguez

"Cash Cab" is about to go for another ride. The popular game show, in which taxi riders are asked trivia questions by a cabbie, is being revived by Bravo.

The series, set to begin shooting this summer throughout New York City, will also have a familiar face behind the wheel: Ben Bailey will return as the titular vehicle's driver/host. According to Bravo, the prizes will be bigger, the car will be upgraded and the questions will focus more on pop culture. Each episode will consist of three games in which contestants have to answer questions correctly before reaching their desired destination. Three wrong answers and they have to leave the cab and lose whatever they've earned.

The show is scheduled to return later this year.

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