In this image released by NBC, host Brian Williams, left,...

In this image released by NBC, host Brian Williams, left, interviews Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton, on "Rock Center with Brian Williams." Credit: AP

Chelsea Clinton - an aspiring Barbara Walters? Or an aspiring female Ron Burgundy? What did you think?

What did I think? Meh. She's new to the medium. These things take time; you don't suddenly look into the camera and skills magically appear. Television -- you will be surprised to learn -- is hard work. It's a craft and like any craft takes years to master -- and even then, if talent is not obvious, you never get it. I thought her piece on an obviously decent and accomplished person -- Annette Dove -- was of the feel-good variety you run across on the late local news or on a college broadcast station. There was no obvious hook, ergo, no obvious reason to do it. But they were likely old pals -- who knows. It was probably a good safe piece to start with though. 

  I was amazed by some of the other reviews, however, including this one in The Washington Post that was brutal. Check it out. Get a laugh. Or be aghast. I hope Chelsea didn't read it. 

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