Joshua Ledet and his big voice are up next on "American Idol." For sure he's through. He sang "Up to the Mountain" for his final song and it's pure power and passion, like he was giving a concert in front of thousands, instead of just the judges. Then he drops it down tenderly at the end.

He says if he doesn't advance, "it would definitely crush me." He's surprised when Randy Jackson tells him he makes it to the top 24, then starts singing for joy, thanking Jesus.

"That's a church kid that's gonna go a long way, I believe," Jackson says. "That kid's special," adds Jennifer Lopez.

In quick succession Blaire Sieber is cut, Naomi Gillies, too. Not sure we ever saw either.

Haley Johnson is up next, but don't really remember her, either. Says her "biggest goal in this competition was to break out of my shyness." I think she's through, though, based on the way they edited it.

And she is indeed through. Looking forward to getting to know her. She seems nice and not arrogant. Jackson tells her, "see you on TV," to which she responds, "you, too!"

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