David Hyde Pierce, seen here at the 2011 Tony Awards,...

David Hyde Pierce, seen here at the 2011 Tony Awards, will have a recurring role on "The Good Wife." (June 12, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

David Hyde Pierce, who essentially disappeared from television after the long "Frasier" run (for Broadway) is returning, in a minor role, on next season's "The Good Wife."

Details via CBS: 

Pierce will play a highly respected cable news legal commentator who is so disgusted by the corruption and murder rate in Chicago that he decides to run for office in order to affect change. The role will mark Pierce’s first appearance in a television series since “Frasier” ended its run in 2004.

(That last line? Not technically true: Commander Chiphead, "Sesame Street.") 

A great talent, Pierce won many Emmys and then decamped for Broadway, where more accolades have followed.

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