Dina Lohan seen backstage at the Vivienne Hu show during 2018...

Dina Lohan seen backstage at the Vivienne Hu show during 2018 New York Fashion Week. She said her relationship with a Facebook friend could make for a reality show. Credit: Getty Images for Vivienne Hu/Astrid Stawiarz

Merrick's Dina Lohan, mother of actress-entrepreneur Lindsay Lohan and three other children, said on "The Wendy Williams Show" Thursday that she was a surrogate den mother during her recent stint on "Celebrity Big Brother" — and half-joked that her long-distance relationship with the boyfriend she's never met in person could make for a reality show.

"I didn't even play," Lohan, 56, told daytime talk-show host Williams in the live broadcast, speaking of her "Big Brother" season, in which she finished fourth. "I just took care of everyone. I was like, 'Why is everyone fighting with everyone? Like, this is a game, people, y'know?' And I just was being a mom. … I cooked for everyone, basically."

She said she had been unaware of the show before getting a phone call asking her to be on. Her children, she said, were wary. "I had to explain that it's CBS, it's [a] network [show], it's cool, we're gonna be OK, no one's gonna hurt me. …. They just had my back. They were like, 'Mommy it's your turn, go.' " 

Lohan maintained that an alleged social-media post by Lindsay Lohan, saying "Big Brother" housemate Tamar Braxton was "deceptive and conniving" had been the work of a hacker. "Her phone was tapped. I won't say who did it. There's been a lawsuit." She added, "My daughter would never say those words. I would never raise a child to. Her phone was hacked."

Dina Lohan said of Californian and former Westhampton Beach resident Jesse Nadler, 53, with whom she has had a virtual relationship on social media for five years, "He's my friend … He is an amazing guy and we're good friends and we met on Facebook. I think we need to call [Facebook co-founder Mark] Zuckerberg and we'll get some show going — [a] Facebook reality [show]." 

She noted to Williams she was "not really [a] big dater. I've been with, like, four guys in my entire life. I just want to raise my kids. I was in an abusive relationship [with ex-husband Michael Lohan, she has alleged], so I'm guarded.” But, she joked to the host, "Maybe you can come to the wedding! … Y'know, when you know, you just know." 

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