Bristol Palin makes the finale of "Dancing with the Stars." That's my fearless prediction on this, the 16th of November, 2010.

 More predictions:  Jennifer Grey (likely) wins because the judges want her to win. Brandy goes tonight. I t hink. 

 But Kyle and Lacey could win the 11th - and may still.   

  Let's talk about Bristol, quickly. I thought she was quite good last night - or good enough to score reasonably high marks. She'll never get tens, but with the combination of decent scores and overwhelming votes, she's been pushed along until - absurbly, improbably - she's in the hunt with three very good and superior talents. But she likely can't win because the three judges' score trump total viewer scores at the very end of this game - even if BP gets a hundred million votes.

  But Kyle Massey could prevail, and here's why: He adds the element of personality to the competition. He is fun to watch, always. He has contageous good humor. He's progressed more rapidly, more convincingly, than anyone. He's not a whiner. (The others aren't either actually, but they've had their moments.) He's a very good dancer. He's the everyman. He's the person we/you/me can most easily identify with.

  He is, simply, the most likeable.

  In fact, he's more likeabale than any contestant that I can remember.

  But I have a bad memory. So don't rely on me.

  Even so, Kyle/Lacey has my vote.

  I hope he wins.

  He deserves this.

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