Of all the ridiculous "Dancing with the Stars" over the last 11 seasons, last night took the cake -- the whole cake, right down to the crumbs and frosting. What was someone thinking?

OK, OK. Good idea -- in principle -- to attempt a so-called "classical" edition, and good idea -- in principle -- to get dancers to try something different, and good idea -- in principle -- to get them out of their comfort zones, whatever a "comfort zone" is at this stage.

 But what a comedy! That wasn't music but some sort of sonic sandpaper farce. If you're gonna do "classical," do classical -- not Muzak Lite. Plus the orchestra, with 47 pieces, was of high-school dimensions, grade school dimensions. The poor musicians could barely emit a squeak. The dancers looked like stick-figures out of some Marx Brothers or Laurel & Hardy routine. 

Result: Just about any of 'em could be gone tonight. Macchio was good, so was Hines and Kane, but good only. They're the obvious front-runners, of course. But that's about it. Kendra Wilkinson almost went out of her way to get  voted off and she will likely be rewarded. No, take that back: She will be.

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