Yes, yes, yes. Miss Elise Testone is a Queen sort...

Yes, yes, yes. Miss Elise Testone is a Queen sort of girl, and she does seem to want it all. Will her performance of "I Want It All" help? (April 25, 2012) Credit: Fox

Elise Testone and Hollie Cavanagh are about to be joined by either fan favorite Phillip Phillips or country powerhouse Skylar Laine in the bottom three on "American Idol."

Should be Laine; and it is. Phillips has still never been in the bottom three this season, his tween girl fan base loves him no matter what. He was one of my favorites early on because of his personality, but since he now just does the same thing every week -- reminding me of Scotty McCreery -- I'm off his bandwagon.

Laine is then immediately sent back to safety, which means to nobody's surprise either Testone or Cavanagh are going home tonight. Whichever one doesn't go home tonight is most likely going home next week.

And Testone is out. Remarkable that she's been in the bottom three nearly every week and still stuck around so long. She does have great vocals, with a unique tone.

Her problem was she picked self-indulgent songs, never performed that well and didn't have a personality that people found especially likeable.

Nice -- she sings us out with Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love," which was hands-down her best song of the season. If only she could've hit this level every week...

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