ELLE, NO.Elle Macpherson, the host and an executive producer of "Fashion Star," is stepping down as the former when the NBC reality competition returns for its announced but as-yet-unscheduled second season. "The show is in great hands, and although I will not be hosting this season, I will still be very involved as executive producer where we will be reviewing the format for the upcoming season," the supermodel said in a statement. "Moving forward, I'll be focusing on building the 'Fashion Star' brand in the international market and pursuing various other producing projects close to my heart."

PREMIERES. Monday night, at 10, four design-conscious homeowners judge one another's homes on TLC's new "Four Houses" . . . then get set for Sunday, when at 8 p.m., BET's gospel-singing competition "Sunday Best" returns for season five . . . at 9 p.m. we get "Hoarding: Buried Alive" season four on TLC; "Mob Wives" star Angela Raiola in her own VH1 spinoff, "Big Ang"; and Travel's roller-coaster competition "Insane Coaster Wars" . . . then finally at 10, it's History's new insane-jobs show "Shark Wranglers."

RECAPS.Doug Clerget and John Wolfner are both off "The Bachelorette" . . . Guy Vaknin and Roshni Gurnani were eliminated from "Hell's Kitchen" . . . Jason Ewell and Vanessa Ramirez will not find "Love in the Wild" . . . and "The Glass House" sent Alex packing.

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