Erika Van Pelt singing Whitney Houston's  "I Believe in You and Me" next on "American Idol," guest mentor Mary J. Blige calls her tone "amazing, like a steak and potatoes dinner" in its richness.

Wow, starts slow and husky; standing very still in a bright red dress under the lights. Builds toward the chorus, then shows off her big voice. I never get chills or anything close, but a good performance.

Randy Jackson praises her "unbelievable" tone, loved it. "Amazing by the end." Jennifer Lopez says her tone and the fullness of her voice "really makes songs come alive." Like Jackson, can't wait until Van Pelt "stops thinking and let loose on this audience."

Steven Tyler simply says, "It was perfect, I think you're great."

They're engaging in happy talk again; it's not a performance people will be talking about tomorrow.

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