It's not the great mythical "Friends" Reunion show, but this is certainly the next best thing: The entire ten seasons will be streamed on Netflix starting in early 2015. An official announcement is forthcoming, but the basic details: The show will arrive Jan. 1, and every epiisode -- or roughly 220 of them -- will be available. 

 For TV-friendly Netflix, the deal is a coup certainly, and likewise for fans, who often scramble to find re-runs, or rely on DVD collections. "Friends," which ended in May of 2004, was not quite the last of the mega-mass market sitcoms -- there is that little show called "The Big Bang Theory" after all -- but it was certainly one of the last hurrahs: A series that could command dozens of millions of viewers in one shot. "Seinfeld," also of that magnitude, may arrive on Netflix, too; Jerry Seinfeld confirmed during a recent Redditt chat that discussions were underway. 

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