Actress Sara Ramirez attends the Broadway opening night of "How...

Actress Sara Ramirez attends the Broadway opening night of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre in Manhattan. (March 27, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

As "Grey's Anatomy" fans are hearing right about now, Shonda Rhimes told TV Guide recently that the May 17 finale will knock off a beloved character. Major? Minor? In betweener? Dear Shonda doesn't say, but a master of media manipulation, she does tell the magazine that most of the writing staff was in tears during the offing, and that fans may or may not revolt, etc. etc. 

 She also tweeted a famous Kurt Vonnegut line: 

Be a sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them—in order that the reader may see what they are made of.

 It's advice Shonda's followed many times - and she actually brought back the ghosts so we could actually see what they were made of. But here's the thing: Who gets it? 

I'm a bit behind on my Greysanatomology - but will catch up for this one - so excuse any blunders here, but this is my quick and ready handicap of who might be going...Here are just a few of the potential beloveds...

Ellen Pompeo ... Dr. Meredith Grey: Inconceivable - unless she dies, and the ninth season is turned into some sort of prequel: 1000:1.

Sandra Oh ... Dr. Cristina Yang: All that business with Owen and his affair suggests/foreshadows terrible things, and there has been much fraught drama here, and doesn't Oh want to get back to movies? : 12:1

Justin Chambers ... Dr. Alex Karev: I dunno. Got shot in the finale a couple seasons ago; does Shonda want to repeat herself? 100:1

Chandra Wilson ... Dr. Miranda Bailey: Never! Miranda IS Shonda. 1000:1.

James Pickens Jr. ... Dr. Richard Webber: Help me here, fans. Hasn't chief been going through all sorts of ups and downs, with Adele and so on (yeah, I'm really behind). Would writers cry at his departure? I'd bet so. He is beloved: 6:1.

Patrick Dempsey ... Dr. Derek Shepherd: Not gonna happen, at least this season. Dempsey has a very expensive avocation, and he needs this paycheck and the show needs him: 1000:1.

Sara Ramirez ... Dr. Callie Torres: This could be - who knows - a possibility. What's going on with her and Arizona? Who knows. Besides, Ramirez could always return to the stage. This would be a major shocker. 13:1.

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