"Bachelorette" season 15 star Hannah Brown helped a man thrown from...

"Bachelorette" season 15 star Hannah Brown helped a man thrown from a raft onto her family's device during a white-water rafting trip in Tennessee on Saturday. Credit: Getty Images / Amy Sussman

Reality-TV star Hannah Brown on Saturday pulled a man onto a white-water raft after the group they both were in spilled out of it into Tennessee's Ocoee River.

Karen Quintana Lopez, 27, had tweeted that the star of the 15th season of "The Bachelorette" and winner of "Dancing with the Stars" season 28, both last year, "saved my boyfriend from drowning in the Ocoee River today." In a later tweet, Lopez explained, "She was on the river with us our raft flipped and her and her family were on the trip with us she ended up pulling my bf onto their raft after the current took him. I didn't know who she was but her mom said she had just won DWTS and that she was the bachelorette!" 

Brown's brother, Patrick Brown, the same day posted two Instagram photos, one of himself and his sister and the other of the siblings with their parents and another young woman. "Took on the rapids with the fam jam!" he wrote, and jokingly added, "I got to relive my lifeguard days and Hannah thinks she's apart [sic] of the Coast Guard now..."

On Monday, however, Lopez said on Instagram that she had been hyperbolic in her tweets. "To clarify @miltonsangabriel93 was not literally drowning (I'm prone to being dramatic)," she said of boyfriend Milton Sangabriel. "[B]ut most of us did get beat up by rocks in the river after we flipped. IT. WAS. AWESOME."   

In an nearly 4-minute accompanying video shot from a helmet cam, the group is seen on their river outing when suddenly the camera goes underwater. After a few moments, the helmet camera bobs up and shows everyone was been thrown from the raft. The person shooting the video holds onto a rock momentarily, then swims toward a separate raft and holds an oar to be pulled in.

Hannah Brown, 25, is then seen wearing the same white top with blue trim she wears in her brother's Instagram photos, pulling the man up from the water. The group laughs heartily and there is no indication that anyone was in serious danger.

Neither Brown nor the rescued Sangabriel have commented publicly.

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