Steven Tyler holds his "Bleep Sign" on "American Idol" airing...

Steven Tyler holds his "Bleep Sign" on "American Idol" airing March 1, 2011. on FOX. Credit: Fox

Steven Tyler has a unique way of critiquing contestant performances on season 10 of “American Idol,” and viewers are tuning in with excitement and anticipation to see what pearls of wisdom will pour forth from the demon of screamin’s much discussed mouth.

Tyler’s been bleeped a number of times in the past, and since Fox knows how hard being censored is for Steven, they had Ryan Seacrest give the rocker a sign to dull the pain.
Here are some of his more memorable exhortations from last Wednesday’s performances:
Naima Adedapo: “You've got a sorcerer’s grasp of melody, girl. I just loved it.”
Paul McDonald: “You define a cool dude in a loose mood. Your swagger is way cool.”
James Durbin: “What was up with the dolls?" "I got left over sandwiches older than that." "Don’t get too poppy.”
Karen Rodriguez: “I love it when you break into your ethnic “what it is-ness.”
Casey Abrams: “You’re so crazy and you’re so talented. That’s the goop great stuff is made of.”
Jacob Lusk: “The gospel had a baby and named it Jacob Lusk. Your momma gave you the moxie to be who you are.”
While most of the adults in my group had this week’s bottom three correct, none of us picked Karen Rodriguez to be eliminated.
Tweens Nicky T. and Deanna T. have a different perspective – selecting Naima, Karen and Casey for their bottom three, with Naima (who they think is scary-looking) going home.
Casey reminded them of a “scary muppet," and they felt that Karen is just not that good.
They feel that Thia Megia is extremely boring and can go home, too, and wouldn’t be missed.
Nicky has to give props to Stefano Langone this week even though he’s not a big fan.
Pia Toscano and James Durbin are still their picks for the finale.
Deanna remarked on how beautiful Pia is: “almost as pretty as Jennifer Lopez.”
Switching gears here to check out my four-year old granddaughter Alex’s thoughts about the top 12 this week:
Naima Adedepo: She was weirded out by her and thinks she is scary-looking.
Paul McDonald: She made a face when he was performing – meaning she didn’t get it.
Thia Megia: She was intrigued with the preperformance video of Thia as a baby, at the piano, in what Alex referred to as a “princess dress.” When Thia performed her song, Alex exclaimed: “Wow, she has another dress on.”
James Durbin: At this point Alex had picked up on the girl/boy pattern of performances, and said: Is James next? When it turned out that she had guessed correctly, she said: “I was right, he is next, and he sounds like Adam again (referring to his screaming). She also thought it interesting that he had a doll.
Haley Reinhart & Lauren Alaina: She gets them confused – they both have blond hair????
Stefano Langone: Noticing the earpiece he was wearing, she said: “Why does he have that thing in his ear? Do you have to wear it for the fireworks?” (recalling that her dad had her use ear plugs when she reacted to the noise of fireworks on July Fourth).
Pia Toscano: She clapped along with the song and enjoyed watching the pre-performance video of her singing as a kid (she could relate to this).
Scott McCreery: She liked his baby pictures and Elvis impersonations. She also remarked that he was wearing a “church necklace” (a cross).
Karen Rodriguez: She liked her baby pictures.
Casey Abrams: She just said that he was loud.
Jacob Lusk: She walked out the room during his performance.
Alex’s favorites are James, Pia and Lauren.
The theme for next week is Motown, and "Idol" alum Jennifer Hudson (season 3, 7th place) and Sugarland will perform on results night.

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