Jacob Lusk performs "Man in the Mirror" in front of...

Jacob Lusk performs "Man in the Mirror" in front of the judges on "American Idol." (April 6, 2011) Credit: Fox

Jacob Lusk is up first. He says he was going to do "Let's Get It On" as "American Idol" sings rock and roll -- but decided to sing "Man in the Mirror" instead. He says it's more true to himself. Will.i.am is the guest mentor.

Dressed in all white, he's restrained but still powerful. He starts dancing on the chorus, with hip thrusts. He has the audience swaying along. It's so good. His voice modulates so it's totally expressive, not just the same old, same old.

Steven Tyler says "that was beautiful." Jennifer Lopez likes how he was true to himself, "perfect in every way," and Randy Jackson says "there were moments all over. That was hot!"




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