Jeremy Rosado performs Stevie Wonder's "Ribbon In the Sky" in...

Jeremy Rosado performs Stevie Wonder's "Ribbon In the Sky" in front of the judges on "American Idol." (March 7, 2012) Credit: Fox

Jeremy Rosado, Jermaine Jones, Elise Testone or Shannon Magrane are about to be the first of the 13 finalist cut this season on "American Idol." The judges will actually decide, after they reveal the bottom guy and the bottom woman by fan vote.

I think it'll be between Jones and Testone, with Jones going home; but who really knows. Ha, and right away Jones goes to safety, followed shortly by Magrane.

Jennifer Lopez tells us the judges decided to save Testone, so Rosado -- who she's really championed -- is cut. Really sweet guy with a nice voice; maybe a bit in over his head, but I'd have saved him because I think he's more interesting than Testone. Even though she definitely has the better voice.

No huge surprise, as a wild card he needed to be great to pick up fan support to stay for long, and he was at best average last night.

Hmm, no goodbye song, the show just ends with everyone standing around on stage.

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