Comedy Central's Jon Stewart during a CNN interview on Tuesday,...

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart during a CNN interview on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014. Credit: CNN via YouTube

Jon Stewart, apology? 


Just to be clear for clarity's sake, "Jon Stewart" and "apology" don't usually -- or in point of fact don't ever -- go in the same sentence: The greatest fake newsman and anchor in television history is congenitally unrepentant -- and has nothing to apologize for anyway. And therefore, he has never made an apology. (Except never say never: In two recent instances, he apologized to Fox News' Megyn Kelly, but I'm pretty certain that was a fake apology; and to a Philadelphia columnist after a blistering assault that was not suffused with brotherly love...)

Nevertheless, on Tuesday's Democalypse 2014, Stewart apologized outright. He apologized right at the start of "The Daily Show's" live coverage of election night, thereby upstaging any news that would come later. In other words, this apology was the biggest news of the night. 

That's an overstatement. I apologize.

But take a look anyway. This was over his flippant statement that he would never vote -- said during a CNN interview with Christiane Amanpour. It caused a big stir, in part I think because so many young people revere the guy, and by saying he did not vote, and would not vote, was certainly an invitation for them not to do so either. 

My thanks to Mediaite for grabbing this clip.

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