Joshua Ledet singing Simply Red's "If You Don't Know Me By Now" next on "American Idol." Guest mentor Gwen Stefani says sometimes he can try to do too much; good advice for Ledet.

Could have a moment if he listens to her. Wow, strolls out on stage likes he owns the place; got some Ray Charles in his tone tonight, it's compelling immediately.

He's pulling back a bit, not going for all the fireworks right away; still very intense. And then hits the high, big note on the chorus; wow, done perfectly. And then just coasts the rest of the way, gets the judges on their feet at the end. Best of the night so far, by far.

"Crazy!" yells Randy Jackson. "Lawd, lawd, lawdy, lawdy," says Jennifer Lopez. "It was spec-ta-cu-lar!"

"It was just perfect," says Steven Tyler. Jackson says "it's really rare that I want to stand up from beginning to end, that's how good that performance was."

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