Katherine McPhee - Kat to "Idolistas" - may have just landed her first starring primetime role - as one of the leads in an NBC pilot about a Broadway musical that revolves around Marilyn Monroe. (Debra Messing and Jack Davenport have already been cast.) McPhee plays - I believe - Monroe; show's called "Smash." Good for her...And a word of caution: This is a pilot, and not a series order, which simply means it'll go to tape and the bosses will look at it and decide whether it'll make the fall cut. She also landed a lead in a 2010 pilot, "The Pink House," for NBC, and you know already that didn't make it. But I'd hazzard a guess that chances for pick-up here are splendid; Steven Spielberg is producer; "Pink House's" producer was Conan O'Brien.  Enough said. Kat was runner up in the 5th season.

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