"American Idol" Hollywood round moves on to Group Night, which is traditionally when all the drama erupts. We'll see what it's like this year, with the guys and women split up. 

Rules are changed for this year -- the producers are picking the groups instead of letting them self-select. 

Lazaro Arbos, who's originally from Cuba, doesn't know a lot of the song choices, which causes issues for his group. Then there's a group of "divas" with two country singers that dub themselves "Country Queen."

"Moves Like Jagger" gets vetoed as a song choice pretty quickly by the country cooners though.

Gurpreet Singh Sarin's group seems to have good dynamics, with Gabe Brown's group off to a fast start as well. Theatrical Popa Peachez's group is thinking about ditching their song, with tensions growing.

"Country Queen" seems on the verge of a meltdown, with group members swearing at each other as the night ends.

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