Lee Dewyze singing "Hey Jude" on "American Idol." Other contestants say he's always worried about going home.

They all make fun of Lee and Andrew Garcia for being super-close, jokingly say they're gonna get married. It's hilarious watching  the two of them joke around; they're so different but clearly have a great time together.

Perfect choice for his tone, I think. Wow, out there looking happy in a suit, keeps the song moving, no moodiness. Yeah, maybe the best of the night; he's letting loose in a way he really needs to.

Gets audience into it, flashes some charisma we haven't seen before; bagpiper comes down the stairs to join him, sort of out of nowhere. Big applause at the end. He's taking over this show.

Randy loves it again, tells him to believe. Ellen loved his confidence, his smile, great job. Kara says not all good, but I can hear you on the radio. Simon says you were doing great until the bagpipe guy came out.

Ryan says to Lee, "I remember you said to me you didn't think you'd be able to get a bagpiper for the performance." 

Which cracks me up, I imagine Lee and Andrew up late at night obsessing about whether the bagpiper's gonna show.

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