Miley Cyrus performs at IHeartRadio Music Village in Las Vegas....

Miley Cyrus performs at IHeartRadio Music Village in Las Vegas. (Sept. 21, 2013) Credit: AP

DOCUMENTARY "Miley: The Movement"

WHEN | WHERE 10 p.m. Wednesday on MTV

REASON TO WATCH Miley Cyrus explains herself and her recent controversies with some compelling reasoning, a mix of business savvy and the self-involvement you'd expect from a 20-year-old former child star. "I don't apologize for anything," she says in her opening.

WHAT IT'S ABOUT The documentary, which MTV describes as a collaboration between Cyrus and the network, follows her over the course of three months as she prepares for the release of her upcoming "Bangerz" album, including the lead-up to her still-controversial, twerk-tastic at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Throughout "Miley: The Movement," a reference to her idea that she and her fans "have to be like an army, moving at one time," Cyrus talks about how her actions are part of a greater plan.

"People can look at the performance and think it's a hot mess," she says, laughing. "It's a strategic hot mess. . . . If I wanted to do an actual sex show, I wouldn't have been dressed as a damn bear."

Her collaborator Pharrell says Cyrus is ready to surprise the world with her new album. "The world thinks they know this girl," he says. "My thing to you is, 'Don't be fooled.' "

MY SAY "Miley: The Movement" has plenty of surprises. Those who want to write her off as a studio creation will have a tough time explaining how hands-on she is in her rehearsals and how methodically she seems in developing her new career path. Maybe the biggest surprise is how well her plan to get everyone's attention worked. Cyrus says she has been laughing about the media hand-wringing over her VMA performance. "How many times have we seen this play out in pop music?" she asks.

BOTTOM LINE Cyrus surprises with her words, not her twerks.


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