Adan Canto and Vanessa Lengies in "Mixology."

Adan Canto and Vanessa Lengies in "Mixology." Credit: ABC / Ron Batzdorff

THE SHOW "Mixology"

WHEN | WHERE Premieres Wednesday night at 9:30 on ABC/7

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Ten strangers. One night. And all the ridiculous things we do to find love.

It's not me saying that. It's the show, at each half-hour's start, in lieu of lyrics conveying backstory. Its ensemble characters (all played by relatively unknown performers) mix in a trendy Manhattan bar where young pretty people come to get some. A ruthless female lawyer counsels a careful colleague yearning to break bad. A British cyber guy whines "since breakfast I have lost $17.3 million." And the single mom from Jersey is dressed to impress the stud bartender who's already forgotten his waitress hookup's name.

Throw 'em all in a blender to see who's with whom next week.

MY SAY These people! Could they be more cliche? These backstory flashbacks! What chick dumps a longtime lover when he's vacuuming? This dialogue! Replacing the final word in the bootstrap phrase "picking yourself up by your," with a male body part? Eww.

But. The makers of "Mixology" play dirty. Their pilot screener disc added two subsequent episodes -- focused closer on two faces weekly -- where those stereotypes get broken down beyond pretenses and defenses. Some twisty situations, some unexpected heart, some nuanced acting. Some serious single-camera potential.

BOTTOM LINE Could be worth awaiting last call to see who goes where, and why.


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