Phillip Phillips is singing Maroon 5's "Give a Little More" next on "American Idol," guest mentor Akon isn't crazy about it. He gives him some suggestions, gets Jimmy Iovine to say, "that's much better."

And then Iovine is telling Phillips he thinks Dixon might be ahead of him right now, which is hilarious, because he told Dixon the opposite.

I don't know, I think Phillips is just okay, he seems to do the same thing every week with his guitar and hard-charging style. As always, if you love him already you'll like this performance, otherwise I'm tempted to check the hockey scores, not thinking I'll miss anything (go Red Wings!)

Steven Tyler says he's evolved into a "Steve McQueen, Johnny Cash kind of guy," Jennifer Lopez says yeah, it's "like they had a baby and it's you."

Then says she feels like she's "seen this performance a few times now," wants him to break out and do something exciting.

Randy Jackson agrees, wants something different.

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