Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson Credit: Getty Images

Rainn Wilson -- he of Schrute Farms Beets -- Sunday night confirmed that he is indeed involved in  a Dwight Schrute spinoff series that's likely to land on NBC.  'Course it would have much to do with the farm and beets, and a bed-and-breakfast.

Cornered -- as she always does in the nicest possible way -- by E!'s Giuliana Rancic, he was asked about the new show, and at first appeared to dismiss it as the worst possible idea in the universe. Rancic persisted.

Naturally, a spinoff -- even the very idea that one is contemplated -- raises all sorts of questions about "The Office." Does NBC think both shows could coexist? Or is it planning for the day when "The Office" leaves the air? And if peaceful coexistence, would Dwight leave "The Office" altogether? (Seems highly unlikely he could do both or would want to do both, or viewers would want him to do both. So the reasonable assumption is that they're mutually exclusive.)

 Deadline first reported this last week, but Wilson then tweeted something about "don't believe everything you read," seeming to discredit the story. Why he reversed last night is between him and his agent.

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