Lee Dewyze gets sold out by Ryan Seacrest on "American Idol" as he tells everyone how Lee told him he gets all teary before each show. Lee says, "Thanks a lot, Ryan."

Black Eyed Peas are up next on no-transition night, doing "Rock that Body." They're entertaining, as always, although because it's on Fox, there's no rhyme or reason as to why this song, why now. We truly live in the age of random programming. There's no interior logic to anything.

" 'Idol Gives Back' is there for the children of Africa, too," Queen Latifah tells us, spotlighting its efforts to fight malaria. Ryan pretends he's a journalist -- "previously on 'Idol Gives Back' I traveled to Kenya... -- as he profiles a family that lost the mom and a kid to malaria.

If you want to help the fight against malaria, give directly to Bill Gates' foundation, which is the worldwide leader and by far the biggest donor in this area.


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