The cast of the sitcom "Scrubs," which ran from 2001...

The cast of the sitcom "Scrubs," which ran from 2001 to 2010. Credit: Courtesy of NBC / Getty Images

At the behest of series creator Bill Lawrence, three episodes of his 2001-10 sitcom "Scrubs" have been removed from the streaming service Hulu for having blackface gags — although one episode erroneously reported to be removed remains. Season 3, episode 8, "My Friend the Doctor," was pulled for a shot of young doctor J.D. (Zach Braff) bald and in blackface imagining himself as his surgeon friend Turk (Donald Faison); season 5, episode 4, "My Jiggly Ball," for a fantasy shot of fellow doctor Elliot (Sarah Chalke) in blackface and with facial hair as half herself and half Turk; and season 5, episode 17, "My Chopped Liver," for a flashback in which Turk is in whiteface and J.D. in blackface at the door of Turk's old Black fraternity, with J.D. expressing doubt at Turk's idea of this being a funny gag.

Not removed, despite reports, was season 3, episode 7, "My Fifteen Minutes," which has no blackface. ABC Studios confirmed that the episodes were removed after a Twitter comment Tuesday to Lawrence requesting that he do so. "Agreed. Already in the works," Lawrence replied.

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