Stefano Langone performs the Boyz II Men hit, "End of...

Stefano Langone performs the Boyz II Men hit, "End of the Road," in front of the judges on "American Idol." (April 13, 2011) Credit: Fox

Stefano Langone is singing "End of the Road" on "American Idol." Odd, he's just wearing a regular shirt and jeans. Is this really his look?

He starts out in full cheese mode, with his eyebrows working and the usual over-the-top emoting. He doesn't really do anything interesting with the song and listening to him is hard work. You can see how much effort he's putting into it.

By the end, as always, his eyes are closed and he's grimacing. Didn't hit the notes on the closing, either. Really nice kid, but it should be the end of his road.

Randy Jackson says he "slayed" the song. He calls it his best vocal on the stage to date. Steven Tyler says "you really know how to milk a song" and Jennifer Lopez tells him "you got it."

Man, they're all in outer space tonight. That was nothing special. He's been better, and the audience didn't even give him that great of a reaction.

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