Tiffany Seely of Plainview has survived five episodes of "Survivor"...

Tiffany Seely of Plainview has survived five episodes of "Survivor" so far. Credit: CBS / Robert Voets

Tiffany Seely continues to be no one's fool as the Plainview middle school teacher persists through episode 5 of "Survivor 41."

On Wednesday night's episode of the CBS island-endurance reality-TV show, the 47-year-old Seely called out fellow Yase tribe-member Xander Hastings for lying to her despite them and Evvie Jagoda, a third of the four members, having made a mutual protection pact. Hastings falsely told her he had found an immunity idol just that morning. Seely knew he'd had it longer because, using information gleaned from Jagoda, she knew Hastings already had said that idol's secret "butterflies" phrase during earlier challenges — and Seely delightfully looked into the camera and rolled her eyes at his attempted deception, to which he quickly admitted and apologized.

Regardless, Seely in voice-over spoke highly of her tribe, which also includes Liana Wallace: "We just vibe well. I mean, we're really delirious" from exhaustion and hunger "but we're really having fun. We're laughing constantly. I mean that's so important because your spirit is everything out here." Yase won the night's challenge, so the team was awarded immunity from Tribal Council. Genie Chen of the Ua tribe later was voted off the island.

On Fox's "Alter Ego," in which CGI avatars perform in place of the real-life singers voicing them, Glen Head college student Samaera Hirsch, aka CGI avatar Misty Rose, was not among the four performers on episode 6. Mama Yaya, aka Siren, and Kaylee Franzen, aka Aster, were eliminated, meaning Hirsch is in the top 12 of the initial 20 contestants.

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