Contestant David Leathers on the "American Idol" show airing Jan....

Contestant David Leathers on the "American Idol" show airing Jan. 18, 2012. Credit: Fox

"American Idol" kicks off its 11th season in Savannah, Ga. The show starts with a tribute to itself with a video montage of some of this season's contestants as kids, as they talk about growing up watching the show and as "Forever Young" plays. 

Tiny 17-year-old David Leathers Jr., who looks like he's really 12, according to Jennifer Lopez, is hitting on the women and singing "Remember the Rain." His big voice comes pouring out silky smooth and he gets an "oh my God" from Lopez and a "nice, nice, that's beautiful" from Steven Tyler.

Randy Jackson calls him a "young Michael" and they get him to sing more, and are blown away. He's got a big smile, lots of confidence and a "super high" voice as Lopez says. He easily advances and its a nice start to the new season.

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