Friends Joey "Fitness" Lasalla and Danny Horal will appear on...

Friends Joey "Fitness" Lasalla and Danny Horal will appear on the hit CBS show, "The Amazing Race," which premiers Feb. 19. Credit: CBS

Team Long Island has left the building -- "The Amazing Race" building, that is. Danny Horal, 27, of Holbrook and Joey Lasalla, 29 -- "Fitness" -- currently of Queens, formerly of Atlantic Beach, ended their pretty good run on the show last night.

The various obstacle courses? Beside finding their way from Bavaria to Azerbaijan (pronouncing "Azerbaijan" apparently as one of the obstacle courses)? They had to bail hay -- something they never mastered growing up on LI. Then, there was this submersible tank -- which had nothing to do with hay or Azerbaijan (but then, this is "The Amazing race" -- not "The Predictable Race"). On that point, they also had to scrape oil from a naked guy; don't ask. Plus apples. Millions and millions of apples. "The race is crazy," said Danny, redundantly. Said Joey, "for a couple of kids from Long Island, not bad at all." No, not bad at all.

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