Ryan Seacrest, host of "Million Second Quiz."

Ryan Seacrest, host of "Million Second Quiz." Credit: NBC

What is a million second quiz? And why is NBC betting a decent chunk of the next 11 days (not thankfully a million seconds) on this quiz? These questions and more, now answered in this explanatory note-come-promotional spot provided by NBC to sort through matters large, small and quizzical.

Go ahead, ask Newsday's TV critic — do you think this thing will work?

Depends entirely on the meaning of "thing" and "work" but yes, I do. Timing of this is at the very least shrewd.  Many millions of viewers are pouring into prime time this week in anticipation of new fall stuff, and what they will largely see, with the exception of this, is old fall stuff. (The season begins Sept. 23.)

At the very least, "Million Second" will get solid sampling and a good base for NBC to promote some of next week's newcomers. Plus, it all sounds so odd ... Sight unseen, let's call this interesting newcomer a winner ...

(App viewers please watch at newsday.com/tvzone)

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