Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield on Fox's "Prison Break."

Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield on Fox's "Prison Break." Credit: Fox

Beverly Hills -- CW's "The Flash" - easily one of the more enjoyable new pilots (and hopefully series) of the 2014 fall season - will add Wentworth Miller to the cast, as Leonard Snart, or perhaps better known to fans as "Captain Cold." Announced Friday by the showrunners, who already had strewn a handful of other Easter eggs throughout this newcomer, for fans of both the long-running DC Comics series, and of the short-lived 1990 CBS series of the same name.

Of the latter, John Wesley Shipp - who played the Flash, Barry Allen - also stars in the new CW version, as Barry's father (accused of killing Barry's mom.) Barry: Grant Gustin, whom you may probably know best from a couple of seasons on "Glee" (as Sebastian Smythe) And Snark: a sort-of villain (sort-of because Cold is or was not easily classifiable) who could freeze anything and everything with one dastardly freeze beam. Of course this posed problems for Barry because...well, there's the issue of slipping. 

The Flash's superpower is foot speed, as in blistering-tear-up-the-pave-and-smoke-or-smite-whatever-gets-in-the-way foot speed. He's fast...

Miller - best known as Michael Scofield from "Prison Break" - joins four episodes in. The show launches in October.

Geoff Johns, chief creative officer of DC Comics, was here on Friday. This is what he had to say about Gustin's character, first introduced on "Arrow" last season: "The Flash is such an optimistic character, and it’s all about moving forward, and...when we first were talking about I mean, when I wrote the comic, it was really about giving him an emotional anchor that would hold him back, something that happened a long time ago that would make his journey he could have easily become a Batman like character. But Barry Allen’s an optimist and having that hope of keeping hold of that hope despite the tragedy in his past [his mother's death] makes him an even better hero. And the lightning bolt is really something that hits Barry and allows him to literally and emotionally move forward in his life, reconnect with people in a different way and explore that heroic side that is inside him."

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