Randy Jackson wearing a Yo pin on "American Idol" (May...

Randy Jackson wearing a Yo pin on "American Idol" (May 10, 2012) Credit: Handout

Yo, yo, yo dawg. The fashion standout on last night’s American Idol turned up on Randy Jackson's lapel.  He sported a preppy, pink plaid jacket and tie with his signature and attention-getting “YO” pin, and frankly…we love it.

The pin (and there’s a necklace too) is the handiwork of Jamie Clawson, a product designer based in Long Island City. He’s originally from Ohio, and Jackson took note of a pin he created that read “OHHIYO.” According to Clawson, the Idol judge contacted him and asked him to make him some pieces that stripped the sentiment down a bit to read just plain, “YO.”

Jackson’s already worn Clawson’s bold “YO” pins several times and now, you can too. The two-inch wide acrylic pin is available for $25 at http://www.kckscrm.com/yo.html.

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